The news headline ratings in Pakistan are calculated based on the quality, the influence and what people like about it. Pakistan People's Ratings provides you with the live ratings of Pakistan top headlines & analytics for top news headline.

Find out top 5 news headlines that are trending in Pakistan. Our ratings list on our website is extracted from the most authentic sources directly linked to PEMRA. Stay informed with latest top news headlines at PPR.

News headline Ratings in Pakistan

Pakistan People's Ratings (PPR) is a leading data-driven, citizen-centric platform for rating and rating the news headlines in Pakistan. We are proud to announce that we are no.1 TV channel rating site in Pakistan.

Our goal is to provide the most accurate and unbiased ratings on the news headlines from Pakistan. This includes all media outlets, both online and off. On our site, you can find detailed information about how we calculate news headline ratings, as well as how to use our platform effectively.

Top Headlines Today Pakistan

Pakistan People's Ratings (PPR) provides top news headline ratings in Pakistan. It is a website that provides you the daily and weekly ratings of the most popular news headlines. If you want to know about the top news headline ratings in Pakistan, then visit this site.

PPR is a new way to measure how people feel about the news headlines they read. It's based on the idea that people tend to react more strongly when they see something that makes them happy or sad, rather than just neutral.

Pakistan People's Ratings (PPR) has been releasing the top news headlines and top headlines in Pakistan since 2015. PPR is a comprehensive ranking of the most popular headlines and news articles published in Pakistan. This ranking is based on the number of times the headline was clicked by users.


Pakistan People's Ratings (PPR) is the leading news headline ratings in Pakistan. PPR uses a simple and effective method to rate the top news headlines, which can be seen on screens across Pakistan.

The ratings are based on a simple formula: the number of times a particular story has been shared on social media platforms divided by the total number of people who have viewed it. This gives us an accurate reflection of how much attention people are giving to each story, as well as how much attention they gave it during its first few hours online.

Top 10 News Headlines In Pakistan

BOL News Headlines ranks first as the latest top news headline in Pakistan. Followed by ARY News Headlines, GEO News Headlines, Dunya News Headlines, Samaa Tv News Headlines, 92 News News Headlines, HUM News Headlines, Express News Headlines, Dawn News Headlines and Other Pakistani bulletins Combined.