A-Plus TV is a Pakistani Entertainment channel that is owned by Abdul Jabbar.

A-Plus TV is a television channel that broadcasts entertainment from Pakistan. Abdul Jabbar serves as the organization's chairman. It is regarded as one of the most important entertainment channels in Pakistan. A-Plus broadcasts a variety of shows, including drama serials, sitcoms, soap operas, music shows, reality shows, morning shows, talk shows, health shows, and magazine shows, as well as other types of programs.

A-Plus is an overall entertainment-focused television channel that is positioned as the channel telecasting a versatile programming line-up. This line-up includes soap operas, drama serials, game shows, comedies, music-based shows, travel shows, and educational programs. Our channel makes use of a multiple segmentation strategy, as we are also targeting, albeit in a roundabout way, children as well as males who come from middle and upper middle class backgrounds. A Plus is quickly gaining a position in the market as a channel that provides family entertainment that meets the requirements of the viewer thanks to the implementation of a number of marketing strategies. Given that women make up the majority of A-viewership Plus's demographic, we are now able to boast a list of channel driver dramas that center their attention on the female protagonist.

Today, housewives make up a significant portion of A Plus's viewership. These viewers are drawn to the channel because it offers them programs such as dramas, female-focused talk shows, and style magazine shows. all of which are presented on a visually appealing and colorful screen. Our goal is to change the trend of viewership through the use of novel ideas, by accepting social responsibility, and by winning the hearts and minds of our viewers. In addition, we want to educate our audience while entertaining them with important social messages delivered through our screen. In a nutshell, our mission is to establish new standards.