HUM TV Channel

Hum TV is a Pakistani entertainment channel that airs in Urdu around the clock. It is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Sultana Siddiqui and Duraid Qureshi came up with the idea of creating a channel that airs the best entertainment TV shows in Pakistan. It belongs to Hum Network Limited and is traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange as (HUMNL).

Eye Television Network Limited was the name of Hum Network Limited before January 21, 2011. The first broadcast of Hum TV was on January 17, 2005. The first Hum Awards were held by Hum Network in March 2013. As of May 1, 2018, Hum TV no longer has an SD feed. In Pakistan, you can only watch it in HD.

Hum TV is one of Pakistan's biggest entertainment networks. It consistently ranks in the top spots and has a large group of loyal fans on social media, streaming services, and TV.

The most popular drama serials of HUM TV include Parizaad, Suno Chanda, Daastaan, Anaa, Diyaar-e-Dil and Durr-e-Shehwar.