Play Entertainment is a Pakistani entertainment channel that is owned by Business Recorder Group. It airs entertainment and lifestyle content targeted for young audience.

Play TV used to be a music channel, but in 2014, it changed its name to Play Max and became an entertainment channel. It also changed its logo and look again. Play Max had a tag line Jee Bhar Ke Dekho. Play Max was changed again in 2015, when it became Play Entertainment. Now, most of Play Entertainment's programming is made up of local Pakistani content. Its parent TV network, AAJ News, has an exclusive licence for Aaj Entertainment as well. In 2015, Waqar Zaka took on the role of executive director at Play Entertainment.

It is aimed at the youth of today and engages the audience by being informative while challenging norms, sharing new perspectives, and inspiring change, whether through the content of a program or the creative way it is shown.