PTV Sports HD is a sports channel that is on all the time. It is owned by Pakistan Television Corporation, which is the state broadcaster of Pakistan. PTV Sports started on January 14, 2012, and its first HD broadcast will be on January 26, 2022, when the 2022 Pakistan Super League begins. It shows a lot of different sports, like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Snooker, and Tennis.

There have been a lot of new sports channels in the last few years. But many of them couldn't keep up with how popular they were with the public. But talk about our national TV station, PTV Sports. One of the most popular sports channels in Pakistan is PTV Sports. Young people in Pakistan love to watch cricket, hockey, football, wrestling, and tennis. It lets you play all kinds of games on one platform.

As a national sports channel, it wants to show live sports programs from around the country and the world. PTV Sports Live is a thrilling and exciting sports site that gives you a full dose of sports entertainment. The channel is proud to show live games, shows about sports, replays of great games from the past, and much more to its loyal viewers.

The most popular shows on PTV Home include

  • Game On Hai!
  • Sports Circle
  • Keh dein jo kehna hai