List of Top 5 Entertainment Channels in Pakistan

Who doesn't want some entertainment after a tiring day of work? Our nation loves watching TV and entertainment has to be the most watched genre of television content that is enjoyed by all age groups of Pakistan. Lately, a lot of channels have been criticized for the content that they create. It makes you question if it is even worth your time? To help you watch the best content on television, we took ratings from people of Pakistan and created a list of top 10 entertainment channels of Pakistan for you.

No. 1

Bol Entertainment

Bol Entertainment is the most popular entertainment channel in Pakistan. Since it started airing in 2013, Bol Media Group has rocked the entertainment industry by offering features that have never been seen before, like 680+ channels that are shown around the world in more than 16 international and regional languages.

It is the world's biggest and most technologically advanced media infrastructure. Well-known TV anchors and highly advanced DSNGs can be seen all over the world

People all over Pakistan watch Bol, which has become very popular. It has a wide range of shows, such as dramas, comedies, reality shows, and game shows, which are both entertaining and educational. Bol also has a lot of local celebrities who are often seen on their shows. Bol can be watched on digital cable, streaming services, direct-to-home services, and mobile devices, among other places.

Since it started, Bol channel has been Pakistan's most-watched entertainment channel and has been ranked as the number one entertainment channel in Pakistan

Most popular drama serials in Pakistan that are aired on Bol entertainment include Aik Mohabbat Kaafi Hai, Chakkar, Dilara, Kho Gaya Who, Marham, Mohabbat Karna Mana Hai, Mohini Mansion Ki Cinderellayain, Siskiyan. These drama serials became very popular in Pakistan because they had a great group of actors and a different way of telling the story.

No. 2

ARY Digital

Geo entertainment is a Pakistani entertainment channel. The channel has a mix of drama, comedy, and reality shows that people in Pakistan like to watch. The channel also makes a number of telefilms every year that are only shown on this channel.

Geo TV has been praised for its high-quality shows, such as dramas with strong female leads and stories that try to make the world a better place. The channel also makes videos for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Red, and other networks and streaming services. The all-time popular TV dramas on Geo entertainment include Tere Pehlu Main, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Kaash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti, Tum Ho Kay Chup and Doraha.

No. 3

Geo News

ARY Digital is a Pakistani entertainment channel ARY Digital that airs dramas, comedies, talk shows, reality shows, and music videos. It also shows educational shows for kids and teens, as well as talk shows about things like domestic violence and child marriage that affect women in Pakistan.

ARY Digital has a lot of different shows, like drama serials and variety shows. It's most popular shows are Mera Saeen, Dareechay, Shehr-e-Dil k Darwaze, Main Manto, Saraab Daagh, and Mere Paas Tum Ho, which is currently one of the most watched shows on Pakistani television.

People in Pakistan rated ARY Digital as one of the most watched TV channels in Pakistan.

No. 4

Samaa News

Hum TV is a Pakistani entertainment channel that airs TV shows 24/7 in Urdu language. Its headquarters are in Karachi, Pakistan. Sultana Siddiqui and Duraid Qureshi came up with the idea of making a channel that shows the best entertainment TV shows in Pakistan.

Hum TV is one of the largest entertainment channels in Pakistan. It always ranks high and has a lot of dedicated fans on social media, streaming services, and TV.

Parizaad, Suno Chanda, Daastaan, Anaa, Diyaar-e-Dil, and Durr-e-Shehwar are some of the most popular drama series on HUM TV.

No. 5

92 News

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), which is owned by the government and has its main office in Islamabad, is in charge of PTV Home. The channel is on all day and night.

PTV Home airs shows that are fun to watch. It also shows TV dramas, shows, game shows, and morning shows, making it a great channel for families to watch together.

PTV Home has been sending out shows since the beginning. The management and ownership of the channel have changed a few times over the years, but it is still one of the most trusted and respected news sources in Pakistan.