List of Top 5 Sports Channels in Pakistan

Pakistan has always been a sports enthusiast nation and loves watching sports with family or friends. But are you watching sports on the best sports channel of Pakistan? To find out, check out our list of the top-rated sports channels in Pakistan so you can enjoy your favorite sports better!

No. 1

A Sports

Starting on October 16, 2021, as part of the ARY Digital Network's preliminary 2016 planning, the ARY Sports Network went live. A Sports HD provides Pakistani viewers with access to every major sporting event, both domestic and international.

A sports network broadcasts both international and domestic football matches.

No. 2


In the last few years, there have been a lot of new sports channels. But because they were so popular, many of them couldn't keep up. But talk about PTV Sports, which is our national TV station.

PTV Sports is one of the most-watched sports channels in Pakistan. Young people in Pakistan like to watch cricket, hockey, football, wrestling, and tennis. It's a platform where you can play all kinds of games.

It wants to show live sports programs from all over the country and the world because it is a national sports channel. PTV Sports Live is a fun and exciting sports site that gives you a full dose of sports entertainment. The channel is proud to show its loyal viewers live games, sports shows, reruns of great games from the past, and much more.

No. 3

Ten Sports

Ten Sports channel in Pakistan is owned by Tower Sports Private Limited, headquartered in Karachi. The UK-based MSM Asia Limited, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation in Japan, is the company's owner. Cricket, football, mixed martial arts (MMA), and tennis are the most often shown sports.

The channel launched in India and Pakistan on April 1, 2002. The Taj Television Company, based out of Dubai, produced a show titled Ten Sports. In 2006, Indian media conglomerate Essel Group acquired Ten Sports, which it subsequently merged with Zee Network. However, in Pakistan, Ten Sports Channel was handed over to a subsidiary of the Essel Group called Tower Two.

No. 4

Geo Super

Geo Super is the first Pakistani TV channel based in Karachi that shows sports all day, every day. Geo Super Channel is owned by the Jang Group of Newspapers. The channel Geo Super came out in September 2006. It has the rights to show a lot of sports, like Badminton, Cricket, Football, Hockey, and more.

No. 5

Fast Sports

The Fast Sports Station is a Pakistani sports television channel with the mission of elevating the standard of athletic competition in Pakistan and making them more enjoyable. They oversee each sport from the time it first begins all the way up to the level at which it competes on the world stage.

In addition to this, they provide opportunities for young people to compete in major sporting events all over the globe, which will assist improve Pakistan's standing in the sporting world. People all over the globe who watch sports on TV will have a better perspective of the sporting events that take place in Pakistan as a result of the Fast broadcasting network.

On its channel, Fast broadcasts sports such as hockey, football, cricket, rugby, tennis, and badminton. They also have a strong internet presence, making it easy for anyone in Pakistan who like watching sports online to do so.