URDU1 Channel

Urdu 1 is a television network broadcasting in the Urdu language that operates around the clock. It is owned by Alliance Media FZ LLC, which has its headquarters in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The transmission of the channel was made available in Pakistan on June 12, 2012, and the channel's regular transmission began on June 23, 2012.

Urdu 1 live is a Pakistani television network that broadcasts in the Urdu language and is owned by Alliance Media FLLC, which has its headquarters in Dubai. Urdu 1 is well-known for broadcasting content from Turkey. It became well-known for broadcasting successful Turkish dramas in Urdu. The Turkish drama Ishq-e-Mamnu is the show that brought the channel the most fame, and the first episode of the show was watched by millions of people.

It inspired Pakistanis to fall in love with Turkish culture, the extraordinary beauty of Turkish women, and the intricately woven narratives of Turkish folktales. It was almost as if we were transported directly from our homes into a different world. Urdu one decided to air more Turkish drama after realizing how popular these shows were among their viewers. However, in addition to that, it features some fantastically compelling narratives that were created in Pakistan. Overall, it's a seamless combination of two distinctive cultures, providing the audience with a diverse range of entertainment options.

Urdu 1 is an entertainment network that will enchant you with its tales and captivate you with its dramas based on real-life events. Urdu 1 is a form of entertainment in which you will spend your time floating among the constellations while listening to captivating tales.

The serials Baaghi and Tum Kon Piya are what helped the channel get known in the local area. Later in 2017, the channel was again able to show Indian shows. Due to fighting at the border between India and Pakistan in 2019, the channel stopped showing Indian shows. Since 2020, the channel has only shown Turkish-dubbed shows.